Medicare and Insurance

Routine Coverage by Medicare for Male Incontinence Management Products

My wife stumbled upon Afex while doing online research on products designed for male incontinence. We purchased the system to test if it would work for me. Now I’m out and about and I’m free to live my life.

– K.S., California

Accessing Medicare Coverage to Help You Get the Afex® Supplies You Need

Medicare reimbursement is available to those who qualify and submit proper Certificate of Medical Necessity documentation. We partner with leading Medicare accredited companies to help you get Afex® supplies you need. With increasingly difficult reimbursement policies by Medicare, our partners cannot guarantee Medicare coverage for all patients.

I am new to Afex® and I would like to apply for Medicare coverage. What do I do?

Step 1:  Work with your physician to complete and submit the Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN).

Step 2:  Your CMN is validated for coverage.

Step 3:  Receive and try your new Afex Active Core Unit.

Step 4:  Request for continuing supplies to be covered by Medicare. Shipments are sent as 3 month supply sets.
Life Beyond Incontinence

Benefits of Getting Afex® Supplies from Accredited Medicare Suppliers

  • Free standard home delivery
  • No claims paperwork to worry about
  • Discreet, personal service
  • No cost to join
  • Knowledgeable customer service
  • Cancel at any time

Go to our store to buy and try the Afex® Male Incontinence System today. If you are a Medicare beneficiary, you can save hundreds of dollars compared to using disposable absorbent products every day. Copayments and deductibles apply. All new customers must pay their initial 20% copay which will be reimbursed if your supplemental insurance provider remits payment.